Nebbiolo Langhe DOC 2019 - G.B. Burlotto

    WINETCOMPANY - Our Creed

    Winetcompany was born from the passion for wine of two friends who, starting out as simple enthusiasts, have turned their game into a solid commercial reality.

    Our product selection philosophy is guided by two fundamental criteria: quality and the tradition of the territory.

    We are constantly searching for wines that are unique and representative of their terroir, that can best express the culture and history of their region of origin. Each bottle we offer is the result of a careful and rigorous selection process, which allows us to offer our customers only the best of local and international wine production. We are convinced that wine is much more than just a product: it is a sensory and cultural experience, telling a story and uniting people. That is why our mission is to share this passion with anyone who wants to discover the secrets and wonders of the world of wine.

    Winetcompany: your personal wine cellar, where you can always find the right wine for every occasion!


    We are what we are thanks to you!

    Winet, as we are called by our friends, followers, and customers, has been able to come into being and grow mainly thanks to the large number of enthusiasts who have placed, and still place, their trust in our project. All this represents for us an inestimable value and source of pride that allows us to carry out our activity to the best of our ability, always paying attention to every single need of the customer, who will always have our experience and expertise at their disposal.


    Our History

    Winetcompany was officially founded in February 2019.

    From the very beginning, social media Instagram was our 'office' and 'home' from where we could reach and communicate to the largest possible audience and try to spread our philosophy and products.  

    Subsequently, spurred on by the growing approval and positive feedback from our customers, we opened to welcoming the public at our premises where the relationship with the customer finally becomes 'real'.

    We are and always will be at our customers' side, ready to share our knowledge and make them feel part of a large community of enthusiasts. Animated by a true passion for our work, which is reflected in every choice we make, from product selection to attention to detail. Rest assured that we will continue to be proud spokesmen for our values, and that our passion will always remain intact!